First world economies have been seeking ways to help grow those of the third world. There's no amount of help that can be given without showing exploitative tendencies. This might not be meant but it's what all the efforts amounts to.

Tingo has developed home grown technologies and other innovations that can make investments in Africa, Nigeria in particular worth its while and begin to reflect positively on improving their economies and trading more viably with other parts of the world.

Tingo’ s success is built on over a decade of relationship with rural Nigeria. It uses local content to drive it’s services. The world doesn’t need another mobile phone manufacturer or another technology company to meet the needs of Africa’s farmers, because Tingo has been doing this over the years in such a manner that any other organisation cannot manage, the phones are simple to operate, cheap to buy and with apps that enable the farmer to access needed information that will enable him or her to save his or her farm without extension workers. These apps are based on local languages or any
applicable language.

Nigeria is blessed with abundant sunshine all the year round.

Tingo has indeed disrupted the way mobile phones are sold and the way technology is accessed. Even the batteries to the phones are made in such a way that the farmer can go for days without charging provided that he or she has not been unduly frivolous with utilising the phone in areas that do not really help the farm. Electricity may be difficult to access in some areas and solar charged phones are options many farmers go for. 

The farmer needs to know why some areas are more flood prone these days, while other areas suffer drought.
The farmer can ask these questions and get instant answers that satisfy his interest and suggest how the effects can be mitigated without professorieties.
Tingo is the ultimate answer for farmers all over the world, as every farmer's need in every location can be addressed without undue challenges.